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The Procedure

Our 7 steps to success


    Our handcrafted animated explainer videos which have the potential to explain almost anything and everything are created following 7 tried and tested steps process that starts with a briefing meeting, writing a script, creating a storyboard, recording voice-over, graphics creation, animation and lastly adding of background music.


    It all begins with the first step. A ”making connection” time with the client. A stage to “nail” that big idea!

  • (2) PEN A STORY

    The script is the base on which the video stands. Call it the “backbone” or the “essence” of the video, once you master this part, things get a lot easier.

  • (3) SKETCH UP

    It is in the hands of our in-house talented artists to give a complete picture to each and every shot, starting to give the video life!

  • (4) VOICE OVER

    This one’s a no-brainer! You won’t know him. He is the voice who does the actual “explaining” in the video.

  • (5) GRAPHICS

    The final images and actions are ready to be designed now. Imaginations run wild at this stage, when we design illustrations based on storyboards.


    Let the magic begin. We know, it takes about 5 steps before we get to the real deal. But this is where all the elements come together to create an alluring video


    Once the video is approved, finally music and background scores are added. The last lap before the baby we create is delivered finally to the client.


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